Tatiana Golovin

Not much has been heard from Tatiana Golovin lately in the world of professional tennis. The 2004 French Open mixed doubles winner was forced to stop playing in 2008, due to back problems.

The Moscow-born, French athlete has not, however, sat on her laurels. She is a member of “Champions for Peace,” an organization created by Peace and Sport, which is a Monaco-based international organization. “Champions for Peace” consists of 54 athletes who are committed to serving world peace through sports.

Ms. Golovin debuted on the ITF (International Tennis Federation) Circuit in 2002 at Cagnes-sur-Mer. Her first WTA (Women’s Tennis Association) Tour match was in 2003.

In 2004, she was the wild card at the Australian Open, and lasted through three rounds of play. She reached the fourth round at Wimbledon, only falling to Serena Williams. She also reached the semifinal of the Paris Indoors; her first Tour singles final at Birmingham, and her first Tier I quarterfinal in Montreal. She was also a member of the France Fed Cup Team, which made it through to the finals. She was first ranked in the Top 100 (No. 91) in February, and the Top 50 (No. 50) in June.

In 2005, the 17 year old Golovin was No. 3 seed in the Japan Open (retiring due to left achilles tendinitis), and was a five-time semifinalist (playing on four different surfaces). Her Top 20 debut (No. 18) came in this year, after the semifinals at Charleston.

2006 brought Golovin her second Tier I semifinal, where she won her fifth career top ten victory and her 100th career singles match win. She played in the WTA Tour at Roland Garros, and France’s Fed Cup World Group 1 Play-off victory over the Czech Republic. She also reached the U.S. Open’s quarterfinal, and her first final since 2005 in Stuttgart at the Porsche Tennis Grand Prix.

Le Monde De Tatiana Golovin – Episode 3 by DiabloBarca

2007 started with a non-Tour event – Perth, Australia’s Hopman Cup. She made it to the second round of the WTA’s Medibank International, and the third round of the Australian Open. She made it to the semifinals of Antwerp’s 2007 Proximus Diamond Games, and the quarterfinals at Indian Wells. She won her first WTA final at the Bausch & Lomb Championships, in Florida. In a major upset, however, she lost at Wimbledon, in the second round, to Tamira Paszek, an unseeded 16-year-old. She also lost at California’s Acura Classic, Toronto’s Rogers Cup, and the 2007 U.S. Open Women’s Singles event. She came back by winning her second career title in Portorož. At the 2007 Porsche Grand Prix, her first Tier I tournament final, she lost to Justine Henin, who also beat her at Zurich Open.

It looked like 2008 would be the year that brought Ms. Golovin to prominence. She was on the French team at the Hopman Cup, was No. 13 seed in the Australian Open, and entered the Memphis tournament, but then back problems sidelined her indefinitely.

In 2009, Ms. Golovin appeared with Daniela Hantuchová and Maria Kirilenko in “Volley of the Dolls”, a pictorial in the 2009 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition.

She’s tall, sexy, and sporty. She’s as tough-looking as models of mens wetsuits, yet as gentle-mannered as a soft-spoken saleslady from a sleepy software house. And no, she’s not Maria Sharapova—she’s Tatiana Golovin, a not-so-typical tennis player.

This erstwhile French female tennis hotshot could easily beat the hell out of any player on the court and make them apply on logbook loans for some much-needed early retirement cash support—be it a muscular male player with too much time to spend doing repetitions on a chin up bar or an equally feisty and explosive female ace with lightning-fast ace serves. Golovin is said to possess one of the fiercest, most menacing forehand in the sport, which is probably due to her training under some of tennis’ best coaches—the likes of Nick Bollettieri, Brad Gilbert, Dean Goldfine, and former world number 1 Mats Wilander.

Like the more famous Sharapova, Golovin also possesses an allure that could easily land her a lucrative brazilian keratin treatment, Home Remodeling, or free dating sites endorsement contracts—at 5’9, this towering 23-year-old Russian-born professional tennis ace is one the sport’s most recognizable faces. And, just like a great writer of african mango reviews, she also has an interesting story to tell.

Born to Gregori, a former ice hockey mentor, and Lioudmila, Golovin turned pro in 2002. In 2004, she was named Tour Newcomer of the Year, and won the French Open mixed doubles title with Richard Gasquet. The 2004 season was considered Golovin’s breakthrough season, as she also made a Top 100 debut on February 16 and a Top 50 entry on June 14. In this same year, Golovin had another remarkable victory as part of the runner-up French Fed Cup team.

During the 2006 US Open, Golovin faced Sharapova in an explosive battle that won for the French hotshot the respect of the tennis community in spite of her eventual defeat. From this eventful year, Golovin since then racked up impressive wins and noteworthy campaigns which eventually earned her a world number 12 rankings. However, in 2008 she was diagnosed with a lower back inflammation. This setback forced her to leave the pro scene for an indefinite period.
Although she has been absent in the pro circuit for quite some time now, Golovin is not contenting herself with doing mundane things, like enrolling in one of the online criminal justice degrees, getting a French professional translation job, or pondering on the best life insurance quotes or the most sophisticated home alarm systems available in the market. She’s currently a UNESCO Promoter of Gender Equality, a title bestowed on her in Paris in 2007. The said UNESCO-Tour partnership champions women’s equality and leadership across all social and economic levels, and speaks so much about the deeper character of Golovin.
Indeed, Tatiana Golovin is not just your usual tennis player.

Tatiana Golovin was a professional tennis player who has had some success in her career. She is noted for her strong forehand, one of the best tennis has seen. She has remained inactive for quite some time after a back inflammation injury. This happened when she was ranked 12th overall, 2 steps far from hitting the top ten.

Tennis is one aspect of her life. She has had some achievements that have sky rocketed her to fame. In 2004, she had a run in the Australian open – she was only 16 then. This was only the beginning. After 3 years, she already had titles and finals appearances in grand slam events, screaming wow gold in the events of her success.

Tatiana was noted for her triumphs over top seeded players. She has scored 13 victories against top ten players. In early 2008, she had the number 12 seed but then disaster stroke. She was diagnosed with chronic back injury that will end her tennis career indefinitely.

Right now, you can say that she has an office Space London, partly because she has shifted from one career to another. She may have hit the yoga mats more because regardless of the lack of training on tennis, she remains fit – really sexy. Fat loss 4 idiots? I don’t think so; she has been on the cover of magazines and on dreamweaver templates.

Tatiana Golovin measured herself, and her versatility triumphed over the odds. She pursued a career in television commentaries and writing. You may see her now on evening dresses rather than on short skirts and sports tank tops. You may even see her working for San Antonio marketing as her versatility offers so much potential.

Regarding her distant future, you may think she would need the best anti aging cream, but she may still be rocking the television. She has just landed and will soon take over. Ending her tennis career at the age of 23 is much of a shock to everyone and much more to herself. It’s like going to a drug treatment center without any addiction or reason or walking blind without dog leads but hearing barks along the way.

Contrary to most athletes that don’t bounce back after injuries, Tatiana bounced back with a different approach. Knowing that tennis would no longer be an option, she drove in for a new career. You wouldn’t see her offering some meladerm reviews for instant home shopping networks or C9 Christmas Lights for the seasons coming. Certainly none of properties will go on “terrain a vendre” over the French market. You will see more of her doing her hosting and commentaries over orange and France, also having some columns on L’Equipe. You will see her off court on the French Open, broadcasting and back in the world of tennis again.

Is Men’s or Women’s Tennis More Popular?

This has been a debate that has been around for years, many believe they are equal but the majority of people who watch tennis matches will tell you that the men remain in the lead on this one.

Why is it that men’s tennis seems to be more popular than women’s? The women players we have today are excellent players often outranking the men when it comes to gameplay, yet the men are still in the lead and this is reflected in their pay packet, another of the arguments that is currently taking place around the world.

Not only is men’s tennis more popular but their earnings and winnings are higher than women’s tennis, making it an extremely sexist sensitive subject. When you look at a wrinkle cream review or search for best oils for skin you don’t care if it’s made by a man or woman, as long as it works.

I think a majority will agree that the same should apply to tennis. Women’s tennis has a strong following and some of the games can offer just as much excitement, if not more than some of the men’s tennis matches, yet there are still more people who will follow men’s tennis than women’s.

Is it a sexist thing or is it just the way the game is played? The men players do tend to be more aggressive in their game, which is one of the reasons many followers mainly follow the men. They argue that the men’s games are more thrilling and the games overall enjoyment factor is higher than the women’s games.

But if you think about it when you want to know how mogl work or you want to find a dentist, do you really care if it’s a man or woman? The same should be applied when watching tennis, the game is played by the same rules, the women play as hard as the men and some of the games are more thrilling than the men’s games.

This discussion will probably be going on for many more years to come, you can go to any tennis site and visit site and you will see that more people are interested in men’s tennis than women’s.

A simple online search to determine the results the same as you would if searching for tom hill or phen375 reviews will have you faced with hundreds of results debating this exact subject.

At the same time the results will display the debate on pay grade and due to the fact men’s tennis is the more popular of the two, they enjoy the higher pay grade with seventy seven per cent of fans agreeing with this result in a recent poll on the internet.

Even the famous tennis tournaments such as Wimbledon in the UK offer men a higher prize than women, though both achieve the same amount of fans and both have the same number of supporters watching them live on television.

In ending, it’s fair to say that as of right now, men’s tennis is definitely the more popular of the two.

Women’s Tennis Association Overview

With its origin traced back to 1973, the women tennis association has been instrumental in organizing matches, tournaments and overall management of professional tennis sport, taking up the good doctor role among women. The decision to start an association for women was founded on the existence of open discriminations that favoured men while sidelining their female counterparts in the game who did not have a united vocal point. The Virginia slims circuit came into existence prompting many changes in the manner in which the game was being played with its formation having resulted from the manner in which prize moneys were being distributed.

With most of today’s activities including ordinary tasks like carpet cleaning turning professional, the women association championed for their game to take the professional path. The women tennis association organised all the female tennis teams into a world tour by the end of 1975 to rally for support of the initiative while raising funds. Through engaging television advertising, which was sponsored by promoters of women products like the anti aging skin products, women tennis association was able to raise many finances to come up with a stable structure. This facilitated them to coordinate their matches and tournaments with efficiency just like the male teams. The association got a further boost as more entities that are corporate took the role of sponsoring the association and its constituent teams.

By the early 1980s, there were many corporate sponsoring world tours of the association as well as within states. For instance, Toyota sponsored world tours where as the giant Avon sponsored tours and tournaments within the united states alone. Others like the Προώθηση Ιστοσελίδων and como reconquistar a ex namorada actively participate in local sponsorship’s for starting and upcoming teams. All these women tennis association initiative were administered under the leadership of the Virginia slims after they had returned to take full control of sponsoring the association.
Tennis female champions who have excelled with big winnings include Serena and Venus Williams taking home several millions in a single year since the French open and Wimbledon championships. To date there are many more female professional players who have excelled in the sport taking home equal earnings to their male counterparts. These players often engage in strict health and physical therapies that include doing HCG diet reviews to check weight. Further, seen the doctor is a common practice for good health such as the San Pedro dentist among many more. There are several categories of tournaments that the association organise, which include grand slam tournaments, end of year tour championships, premier championships and international tournaments. Of these, the premier championships are the most pronounced taking place in many places around the world. The tournaments are always organised in a manner that enables the participants to be free for such activities like taking up online MBA programs. Make sure you grab an African mango juice packet the next time the association tours your city as you relax for spectacular treat.

Popular Women’s Tennis Association Tournaments

Tennis has a large following throughout the world and from January through to October, there are WTA or Women’s Tennis Association Tournaments held throughout the world, with many having strong followers.

In January of 2012 you can enjoy popular matches in Brisbane in Australia and the ASB Classic in New Zealand. These are much like an umbrella company; they get the athletes ready for the year ahead and enable them to predict what to see.

March has a tournament in magnificent Miami, where you can enjoy the beaches, sea and some tennis. Go in and look at where they sell boats and you will be amazed at the beautiful ocean cruisers they have for sale and how many people own one in sunny Miami.

Next stop for April is Barcelona, Copenhagen and Budapest. These areas are nothing like buying cheap laptops; they can be pricy but still draw a huge crowd to the tournaments.

June is the month of the famous Wimbledon in the UK. This is a very busy event which welcomes thousands of tourists every year. Managing the event is like working for someone like Helen Pastorino, who works hard for results.

July you move on to Carlsbad and Washington DC. These tournaments are also visited by holiday makers and locals who want to support the women’s tennis. The tennis tournaments are like visiting car dealers, there are so many options to choose from that you are not sure who to support if you don’t already have a favorite.

In August the tournaments more on to Cincinnati, Dallas and the famous US Open. The US Open is one of the biggest tournaments and is on a par with Wimbledon in many respects. Imagine looking for used cars in Phoenix and finding a choice of great shops which sell cars, the US Open compared to the UK Wimbledon is much of the same, they both offer excitement, fun and great tennis.

Work advice articles will tell you all you need to know to get the most out of your career and when following the WTA you want to enjoy the same benefits, you want to travel, see the world and support your favorite tennis player at the same time and this is why September is such an exciting month in tennis as the matches are played in Quebec, Tokyo and Beijing.

October tends to be the last matches of the season and we close the season in Luxemburg, Moscow and Istanbul. All exciting places to visit while supporting the WTA. It’s like a geothermal heat pump; if yours is broken you cannot do without it. Tennis is the same when the season ends, you want more.

Whether you want to travel the world to support the women’s tennis association tournaments or you only want to support in your own area, there are so many tournaments being held each year that you are guaranteed to find one near you. When you find a home and want it managed and use a company like York property management, you don’t travel across the globe to find what you want, the same applies to when you need flooring done, you go to San Marcos flooring and get it done quickly and effectively.

The Latest in Women’s Tennis

There are structures that are laid down by various institutions and tennis organizations that are able to predict the future tournaments based on the present facts. Tennis is a game that encompasses all gender where there are male and female stars just like masters in education online or online mba programs which are degrees that both genders can take and shine unlike engineering or skyrocket science which excludes some genders based on heavy requirements of these discourses. These can be found through mozilla firefox free download.

Women tennis tournaments have made great strides and accomplishments. This is clearly seen in recent tournaments as more women who have been trained by star who are now sweeping the tennis world and taking it to the next level. Although it is noted that there is a long way to go, there has been gigantic stripes taken in the process of the game as more girls are coming to top hundred in various tournaments in the United States of America.

In Germany, Petra Kvitova; a leading female tennis recently gave Czechs an overwhelming 3-0 lead above Germany and she attributed this to the work of a team that works cordially together. What is surprising is the fact that Petra was not the player who was scheduled to play in the tournament but she came in the last minute to take the place of an injured player. This was just like a person pursuing masters of health administration with a continuing education insurance policy or level term life insurance.
The competition that is growing in this field has seen the sluggish and already established players like Caroline Wozniacki; a Danish tennis player who lost her first position. Her former coach has emotively noted that she needs a more aggressive approach if she would recover her 1st ranking. Such requirements show very well how volatile and dynamic the competition and hence growth is ranging in the women Tennis game. The competition can be attributed to the growth of the tennis game world wide with players coming from different places where they previously did not emerge from. This is just like the emerging merchant cash advance organizations that compete for clients or many people wanting mis sold PPI with limited supply.

There is more news that trickles in the world of women tennis with much happening in every part of the world, there are more tournaments being organized and vigorous ways are being employed to determine the world wide women tennis champions. The sector awaits much fun and stiff completion that will sweeten the tournament further and it will be hard for one single person to remain the best in such as game as more teams develop and progress well. This is just like computer science degrees or degree in finance in which the fields are highly dynamic with room that guarantees an opportunity for every one to be a winner.

A Review of the 2012 Women’s Tennis Association

The Women’s Tennis Association (WTA) dates back to 1973 and originated in Houston, Texas and founded by Billie Jean King.

Today this Association combines grand slam tournaments, premier tournaments and international tournaments into its game play, which are held throughout the world.

Professional tennis has become a bit money making sport with tournaments offering huge prize pools, you don’t need an accounting degree online to determine what these tennis players are earning, excluding any sponsorships they may receive.

Tournaments are played in Hungary, Portugal, Spain, Italy, France, Belgium, America and Australia, just to name a few with winning pools of up to $600,000. You can find out info on what tournaments are being played near you online, these are an exciting experience as you hold your breath to see which rising tennis star will win the series.

At present the Rome tournament is underway, which has already sent two favorite Spanish players home. Vives and Sandrez played together for the first time since the 2011 Australian open, but when it came to the quarter finals, they were sent home after a match against Makarova and Vesnina. Luckily watching this sport on the television or from the stands doesn’t require parental control, the worst you will hear are a few grunts during serves.

As for the singles, Venus Williams continues to hold her footing at number one with sister, Serena Williams following in ninth place. The Italian tournament continues to thrill and excite spectators as the professional ladies continue to battle it out for the big winning prizes.

When you think about these tournaments it’s easy to compare them to top wrinkle creams, over time, with a great deal of time and dedication all the creases are ironed out and these players move up and win the tournaments.

For educational purposes there are a number of resources for teachers where they can teach classes about the sport, professional sporting events and opportunities available to athletic students for future careers.

The courts used in these tournaments are of top quality, you won’t find floor tape on the courts and some are grass while others remain clay. It’s easy to notice which players do better on what courts, these are different throughout the world and with professional players spending their time travelling from continent to continent it’s interesting to watch these matches and see how their gameplay compares to the other tournaments they have competed in.

These tournaments are played from April right through to the end of the year with some tournaments having higher standings than others, most of the professional tennis players compete in as many of the tournaments as possible, leading up the main events such as Wimbledon, the Australian Open and the French Open. In order to remain in their standing at the Women’s Tennis Association they need to work to remain in the lead and win as many matches as possible. These matches act as compactors, compacting all their wins into a neat block which is then used to determine their standing in the world rankings.

Tatiana Golovin Pictures

Olympics Tennis 2012

A Quick Overview of the Women’s Tennis Associations 2012 Season

Even though people nowadays move in a fast-paced world, some still find time to pursue their interests in sports. They do that in order to keep their body in good shape and maintain their good health. One example of those sports that have gained popularity among many is tennis.

For tennis enthusiast, they are very familiar with the Women’s Tennis Association. This association is the principal organizing body of the professional tennis for women. It governs for the worldwide professional tennis tour for women and implements important rules and guidelines in relation to the sport. This is the counterpart of the Association of Tennis Professionals which protects the interests of the male professional players. You can browse the web and look for the click here tool for additional information about the organization.

Since its establishment in 1973, the professional tour of women tennis player has come a long way. Many people have followed it wherever it goes. This year, they have series of scheduled tournaments in different countries including Australia, New Zealand, France, Thailand, Qatar, USA, UAE, Colombia, Mexico, Japan, China, Russia, Turkey, Bulgaria, and others. For some who cannot watch it live, they just gratify themselves by grabbing videos online through replay media catcher.

Some people because of their love for tennis, instead of buying taylor guitars for recreation, they buy stuffs in relation to the sport. They went as far as the internet to buy tennis accessories they love. They even subscribe for free Microsoft points in order to make their purchase easier.

In addition, updates about the sport are things that they also do not want to miss. Knowing the standing of the players always excites them. So, as of this year, the leading female tennis player is Maria Sharapova with 9,490 points gained so far. This player from Russia has already built a reputation of having so much energy. She is like hersolution that exhilarates many people’s attention. No wonder she continues to be on top.

Making also to the list of top players are Victoria Azarenka with 8,800 points, followed by Agnieszka Radwariska with 7,230, Petra Kvitova with 6,775, Samantha Stosur with 6,100, Serena Williams with 5,640, Caroline Wozniacki with 4,366, Angelique Kerber with 4,275, Marion Bartoli with 3,800, and Sam Errani 3,350. All these tennis players have still good chances of making their way up the rankings since there are still many scheduled tournaments.

Many exciting things will still unfold on the 2012 Season of the Women’s Tennis Associations tournaments. People whose bets are not yet in the list of top players can still cross their fingers while women players still have good chances of making it to the top. They just need to be persistent. Learn more by clicking here if you want additional information about women tennis.

Tatiana Golovin 2012

Why Tennis is One of the Best Sports

Tennis may not be as big a sport as the many other professional leagues that revolve around team competition such as football, basketball, baseball, or hockey but there is no doubt that tennis is one of the bet sports out there. A big part of the reason for this is that there seems to be a perception that tennis is not as accessible to the casual fan as the many other leagues because it requires a specialized level of skill that only appeals to fans that have already played tennis in one form or another. Still, given the warrior-like nature of the sport in that an athlete has to face and overcome all challenges on his or her own, tennis does not need any certificate info to be recognized as a great sport for athletes and fans alike.

There is no one site that can help explain the many affable qualities of the sport but there are obvious talking points that can help put emphasis on why tennis is worthy of all the attention that it can get.

  • First, the athletes playing tennis are just as fierce and talented as the many others that play in the big leagues. The athleticism, power, and finesse required in tennis is off-the-charts making it a wildly entertaining game at the highest of levels. If you want to learn how to lose weight quickly, pick up a tennis racket and it won’t take long for you to find out how.
  • Tennis is a very emotional sport. In fact, one can even argue that tennis requires so much more from these players because of its individual nature than from those who play with a team. Players who are down in a game need to find a way to get back without the benefit of being motivated by a coach or teammate. Tennis players are like gladiators in that they are all to themselves when it is time for a game, and the mental aspect of the sport easily distinguishes the great ones from those who cannot summon the inner fortitude necessary for success.
  • Tennis is an endurance sport. The 2012 Australian Open Men’s Singles Finals between Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal took almost 6 hours to finish. You can visit site of the 2012 Australian Open to find out more about this ultimate test of human endurance.

More than just being able to teach you how to get rid of cellulite on thighs, tennis is a great sport with a rich history and one that is rife with competition on all levels of play. It demands skill, mental focus, endurance, determination, strategic decision-making, and faith in one’s self as the most important attributes for success. You can never take a recreational approach towards it just as you would when thinking of how to reclaim PPI which is why there is great value in embracing tennis as a hobby, passion, or sport of choice. Tennis teaches a lot of great things to players on top of testing the limits of human endurance, skill and finesse. If you want to truly appreciate the sport for what it is, pick up a racket today. Your experiences will be your own best teachers as to why tennis is one of the best sports on the planet.

Some Of The World’s Greatest Tennis Stars

Tennis is a very old competitive sport and people have been drawn to watching tennis matches ever since the early days. For the players, a lot has changed through time especially concerning racket technology and standards of player fitness. It is also because of these changes that it is hard to label a tennis player as “the best of all time”. However, there are indisputably some first class tennis stars that have taken the world by storm and that have left an astounding track record of accomplishments and feats.

First on the list is Roger Federer, 16-time Grand Slam winner and a six-time ATP World Tour Finals winner. Federer has won six Wimbledon, one French Open, five US Open and four Australian Open titles. He is the only male tennis player who has played in the finals of each Grand Slam at least five times, making him one of the most versatile and amazing tennis athletes in history. According to Forbes, he is the richest tennis player of all time with a net worth of $35 million, properties throughout the world and availing of case in vendita and has the luxury of renting the best vacation homes around the planet.

Rod Laver, an 11-time Grand Slam winner was one of the most popular players in the 1960s. Laver is the only tennis star to get the gold in the French Open, Australian Open, US Open and theWimbledonall in one year in both 1962 and 1969.

Peter Sampras definitely makes the list of world class tennis players with 14 Grand Slam winnings including five US Opens, seven Wimbledonand two Australian Open titles. He has dominated the number one spot for several years due to his epic performances and serves with his impressively calm demeanor, making him one of the most watched tennis players. Tennis fans from around the world look forward to seeing him play and even fans who are on a travel vacations watch his matches be it from their South Africa accommodation or their vacation homes by the sea.

Andre Agassi was not just one of the best tennis players but was according the ladies, also one of the most handsome. He is one of four tennis athletes to win all four Grand Slam tournaments and has won eight Grand Slam titles. He was one of those tennis players who exited his career with a bang and his matches (especially with Sampras) where some of the most historic and emotional matches of all time. Watch now some of the greatest tennis moments in history.

Rafael Nadal is known to be the best clay court tennis player of all time and has won 35 singles tournaments on this blessed surface. He has won seven French Opens and the Olympic Gold Medal from the 2008 Beijinggames. He was one of Federer’s and Djokovic’s fiercest rivals and matches between him and these players always resulted into thrilling shows. Whether watching live or from the comforts of your homes, serviced apartments or from a rowdy sports bar, these matches were always much anticipated by tennis fans.

Tennis player, Margaret Court is a celebrated female tennis player. She has won 23 Grand Slams and 11 Australian Open titles. She went down in history as the first woman in the open era to win the calendar-year slam. She is known for her versatility and has won a total of 62 grand slams in her career.

Steffi Graf is one of the most successful women tennis athletes in history. She ranked as number one player in the world for 377 weeks, which is the longest record in both men and women category. Graf has won 107 single titles and an astounding 22 Grand Slams. She is an excellent player in all four court surfaces and has won seven Wimbledon, nine Grand Slam and six French Open titles. You can check it now on who is currently holding the number one spot in tennis.

Chris Evert was undoubtedly the female tennis sensation of the 1970s. She has an amazing track record of winnings comprising 90% match wins. She is known for her exceptional moves specifically the two-handed backhand which had many opponents left at a loss. She was best known for playing on clay and has won 125 consecutive matches on the said surface. She has garnered 101 single wins and is known for her amazing technical skills of accuracy, focus and consistency in the sport.

If you are an avid tennis fan, it is great to watch at least one major match live in your life time, although it takes a good deal of money to fly to the location and spend for tickets and accommodation. If you are currently struggling with finances, find ways to address these issues like through loans, a trust deed or even asking for a raise. Watching a live tennis game is a great addition to your bucket list!

Tatiana Golovin Biography

Tennis is one of the most popular sports in the world, gathering millions of fans all over the globe. Tennis players are known to build amazing careers over the years and hence draw even more of the public’s interest upon them and this fascinating sport. If you are interested in discovering some important details on one of the most popular Russian tennis players, continue reading this piece. You are going to learn all about Tatiana Golovin, a tennis prodigy who was often times compared to Maria Sharapova and Anna Kournikova. Many fans have placed quite a few flower orders at the Flowers Victoria BC flower delivery companies and other places in the world and had many flower bouquets delivered to this beautiful tennis player over the years.
Tatiana Golovin is a Russo-French tennis player who was born on the 25th of January, 1988 and who has rapidly grown to be one of the public’s favorites, together with Maria Sharapova.

Golovin was born in Russia and her family chose to move to France when she was less than a year old. In 2004, she received the WTA Tour Newcomer of the Year title, soon after she managed to reach the fourth round at Wimbledon and the Australian Open Tour. During the same year, Tatiana Golovin won the mixed doubles competition at the important French Open, where she formed a pair with Richard Gasquet. At the moment, Tatiana was only 16 years old, while Richard, her partner, was 17. Tatiana also made it to the quarterfinal at the U.S. Open in 2006. You might still be able to comes across a video recording of her performance online, and so if would like to watch it, you should do a quick research online.

Tatiana spent 6 years at Nick Bollettieri’s tennis camp in Florida. She made official ITF debut at Cagnes-sur-Mer in France in 2002 and ever since she attended three more ITF events. She also won her first WTA Tour in 2003 at Indian Wells against No.146 Gisela Dulko.

Tatiana is best known for her forehand that is considered to be quite explosive and which was actually named the best of its time. Her working capital was abruptly interrupted back in 2008, when she was diagnosed with lower back inflammation problems. Tatiana Golovin was hence forced to stop attending official tennis competitions for an indefinite period of time.

It is best to keep informed on the latest emerging tennis players all over the world, so if you ever decide to place some online or offline tennis bets, you can improve your chances of winning. With the money you could win, you could support the Supreme group USA and give something back to the community.

Most Popular Male Tennis Players

Anyone who watches professional tennis knows that there have been some fantastic male tennis players over the years, the days of Andre Agassi and Pat Cash are gone as players came out and made a name for themselves, winning a number of grand slam titles.

The best player to date has to be Roger Federer, this Swiss player won twelve grand slam titles in five years, but has to still win the French Open which has been unobtainable up to now. You can sit in cubicles and watch tennis for hours, but you have to wonder what makes these athletes so great at this game.

Next on the list is the likable Pete Samprass with his fourteen grand slam titles and number of records including the most Wimbledon titles with seven and the most US Open titles with five. You can visit source to find out more.

Then there is Ray Emersen an Australian player that took the world by storm and holds the record for the most titles out of any of the male tennis players. He won twelve grand slam titles and then another sixteen as a doubles player. You can find out more online, do a simple search the same you would for foto canvas.

Now let’s look back to the 1960′s and another fantastic Australian player that cannot be forgotten, Rod Laver. Laver was a left handed player that dominated the tennis circuit back then, he had eleven grand slam titles, four of which he won in only one year.

Bjorn Borg was a favored tennis player. This Swedish player is known for winning five Wimbledon titles and six French open titles.

Ivan Lendl was another of the top players in the 1980′s. This player from the Czech Republic had nineteen career titles to his name. Now you can get free cell phones but you have to work for career titles.

Staying in the 1980′s was the seventeen year old boy that won Wimbledon, that’s right it was Boris Becker. This German player started playing professionally at a very young age, he is also a US Open Winner.

Then there was the violent outbursts on court, the brash American that everyone loved to hate but couldn’t take their eyes off him when he played, John McEnroe. Watching John McEnroe play was thrilling you never knew when he was going to explode, argue with referees or throw his racket across the court. But there was one thing about this American player that no one could argue, this left handed player had such a strong serve. John McEnroe went on to win seven titles and eleven double titles during his tennis career.

You could dial a virtual phone number right now and ask for the best male tennis players of all time and the answer will be these eight players. While Andre Agassi was a noname that went on to win Wimbledon and Pat Cash was the laid back player with the long hair, neither of them were overly popular or made such a big name for themselves as these other male tennis players

Biography of Rafael Nadal

Rafael “Rafa” Nadal is a Spanish tennis player who is called the “King of Clay” for all his success on the clay court but is also universally considered as one of the greatest tennis players of all time. He was born in Manacor, Mallorca, Spain on June 3, 1986 and began playing tennis at the age of 3 years old. As of early 2013, Nadal is ranked No. 5 in the world after missing the last 8 months due to a knee injury.

Nadal’s was born to Sebastian Nadal and Ana Maria Parera who were not professional athletes. Nadal, however, had plenty of other sources of inspiration as he gravitated to tennis by way of his uncle Toni Nadal who was a professional tennis player, and Miguel Angel Nadal who was a retired footballer. Early on, Rafa played both sports on a regular basis but when this started to affect his studies, his father made him choose one and stop the other. Thus, he decision to become a tennis player was made not unlike the dramatics in many movie reviews.

As a professional tennis player, Rafa is known for some qualities that few other players can match on the court. He plays left handed even if he naturally a righty in order to gain a natural advantage over players not used to playing against lefties. This was essentially his eczema cream, a strategic solution to overcome the dominance of the righties. Nadal is also a relentless defender, choosing to run after every ball and playing that extra shot that forces his opponents to commit a mistake. The topspin he imparts with his shots is unrivaled in the game. Combined, these attributes allow Nadal to dominate games so much so that his opponents may need an accident lawyer after every game for all the punishment that they take on the court.

At age 26, Rafa is already one of the most storied players in the game enduring through various injuries like knee issues, back pain, wrist problems, an abdominal tear, and many others. He has won 51 career titles in total, none more impressive than his 11 Grand Slam titles, seven of which he won at the hallowed grounds of Philippe Chatrier Court which is home to the French Open. He also won twice in Wimbledon, once in Australia and once in the US Open to complete the tennis career grand slam.

Also included in his title hauls are the 21 ATP Masters 1000 titles that he has won, tied with Roger Federer for the most in the Open era. He also won the gold medal in Olympic tennis at the 2008 Beijing Olympics. In addition, he has also captained the Spanish Davis Cup team to 4 championships, perhaps his “coconut oil for face” equivalent which is what will set him apart from other players who only focus on their professional tennis career without giving time to their national tennis duties. Overall, Nadal has over $50 million in career earnings and has held the N. 1 ranking for an extended period.

If injuries do not cut his career short, Rafa has plenty more to offer in his next few years as a member of the tennis professional institute. He is in perfect position to chase Roger Federer’s record of 17 grand slam titles in order to further cement his legacy as one of the best of all time. He can also extend his dominance over his notable rivalries with other top players in the men’s game, namely Federer, Andy Murray, and Novak Djokovic.

For sure, there are plenty more to expect from the precocious kid from Spain. His body is his biggest enemy. If he wins that battle, he will undoubtedly win many more wars on the tennis court.

A Brief History and Benefits of Tennis

Sports are no longer something that are taken as an extra activity in modern day academics. Long gone are those days when parents discouraged their children from playing games in order for them to take time out to study. Nowadays, parents often volunteer to coach their children in a number of games from a young age in order for their children to develop the skills needed for any particular sport. This gives the child a golden ticket ranging from college scholarships to international exposure. Parents nowadays feel like the right time to make a choice about their children’s future is when their children are very young. Tennis is a very popular sport that has been present for quite a long time. Some believe it to have been around since the 12thcentury! Of course, the game has evolved since then and there are some versions of the game in the modern world that include table tennis and lawn tennis. The game certainly is a popular hit in the entire world with tournaments being played at global as well as domestic levels. Universities can be seen filled with tennis enthusiasts who like to play this game in their free time.

Tennis is most certainly a beneficial sport from a variety of different angles. You see, the health benefits are numerous. You can get more information regarding these benefits from countless websites that are entirely dedicated to this topic. Of course, more information may not exactly be required because the health benefits are pretty obvious; it involves rigorous exercise that can keep anyone healthy and fit. A few benefits include prevention of cardiovascular diseases and blood pressure regulation in an individual. It can help fight obesity and allow the individual to maintain a healthy appetite at the same time.

Individuals can get advantage from this sport for academic purposes as well. Numerous colleges offer extremely nice scholarships if the candidate is a sportsperson. This helps the college benefit from the individual’s talent to promote the university’s reputation amongst other universities. Many universities offer degrees in sports sciences. In fact, sports psychology is another field that has stemmed from this extravaganza and tennis players are often well known for hiring sports psychologists. There are various examples of such incidents on the internet. All you need to do is check it out for yourself!

Tennis helps build up a person’s confidence to great levels. An individual can feel extremely comfortable with himself if he is seen around walking with his tennis racquet. A wide variety of tennis racquets are also available online from which you can choose the one that suits you. You can get it now and have it delivered to your doorstep the very next day so that your plans to become a regular tennis player are not hindered by the absence of equipment. Tennis most certainly is a game of multiple advantages for the individuals who play it; both health benefits as well as economic gains which makes it an ideal game for today’s generation.