A Quick Overview of the Women’s Tennis Associations 2012 Season

Even though people nowadays move in a fast-paced world, some still find time to pursue their interests in sports. They do that in order to keep their body in good shape and maintain their good health. One example of those sports that have gained popularity among many is tennis.

For tennis enthusiast, they are very familiar with the Women’s Tennis Association. This association is the principal organizing body of the professional tennis for women. It governs for the worldwide professional tennis tour for women and implements important rules and guidelines in relation to the sport. This is the counterpart of the Association of Tennis Professionals which protects the interests of the male professional players. You can browse the web and look for the click here tool for additional information about the organization.

Since its establishment in 1973, the professional tour of women tennis player has come a long way. Many people have followed it wherever it goes. This year, they have series of scheduled tournaments in different countries including Australia, New Zealand, France, Thailand, Qatar, USA, UAE, Colombia, Mexico, Japan, China, Russia, Turkey, Bulgaria, and others. For some who cannot watch it live, they just gratify themselves by grabbing videos online through replay media catcher.

Some people because of their love for tennis, instead of buying taylor guitars for recreation, they buy stuffs in relation to the sport. They went as far as the internet to buy tennis accessories they love. They even subscribe for free Microsoft points in order to make their purchase easier.

In addition, updates about the sport are things that they also do not want to miss. Knowing the standing of the players always excites them. So, as of this year, the leading female tennis player is Maria Sharapova with 9,490 points gained so far. This player from Russia has already built a reputation of having so much energy. She is like hersolution that exhilarates many people’s attention. No wonder she continues to be on top.

Making also to the list of top players are Victoria Azarenka with 8,800 points, followed by Agnieszka Radwariska with 7,230, Petra Kvitova with 6,775, Samantha Stosur with 6,100, Serena Williams with 5,640, Caroline Wozniacki with 4,366, Angelique Kerber with 4,275, Marion Bartoli with 3,800, and Sam Errani 3,350. All these tennis players have still good chances of making their way up the rankings since there are still many scheduled tournaments.

Many exciting things will still unfold on the 2012 Season of the Women’s Tennis Associations tournaments. People whose bets are not yet in the list of top players can still cross their fingers while women players still have good chances of making it to the top. They just need to be persistent. Learn more by clicking here if you want additional information about women tennis.