A Review of the 2012 Women’s Tennis Association

The Women’s Tennis Association (WTA) dates back to 1973 and originated in Houston, Texas and founded by Billie Jean King.

Today this Association combines grand slam tournaments, premier tournaments and international tournaments into its game play, which are held throughout the world.

Professional tennis has become a bit money making sport with tournaments offering huge prize pools, you don’t need an accounting degree online to determine what these tennis players are earning, excluding any sponsorships they may receive.

Tournaments are played in Hungary, Portugal, Spain, Italy, France, Belgium, America and Australia, just to name a few with winning pools of up to $600,000. You can find out info on what tournaments are being played near you online, these are an exciting experience as you hold your breath to see which rising tennis star will win the series.

At present the Rome tournament is underway, which has already sent two favorite Spanish players home. Vives and Sandrez played together for the first time since the 2011 Australian open, but when it came to the quarter finals, they were sent home after a match against Makarova and Vesnina. Luckily watching this sport on the television or from the stands doesn’t require parental control, the worst you will hear are a few grunts during serves.

As for the singles, Venus Williams continues to hold her footing at number one with sister, Serena Williams following in ninth place. The Italian tournament continues to thrill and excite spectators as the professional ladies continue to battle it out for the big winning prizes.

When you think about these tournaments it’s easy to compare them to top wrinkle creams, over time, with a great deal of time and dedication all the creases are ironed out and these players move up and win the tournaments.

For educational purposes there are a number of resources for teachers where they can teach classes about the sport, professional sporting events and opportunities available to athletic students for future careers.

The courts used in these tournaments are of top quality, you won’t find floor tape on the courts and some are grass while others remain clay. It’s easy to notice which players do better on what courts, these are different throughout the world and with professional players spending their time travelling from continent to continent it’s interesting to watch these matches and see how their gameplay compares to the other tournaments they have competed in.

These tournaments are played from April right through to the end of the year with some tournaments having higher standings than others, most of the professional tennis players compete in as many of the tournaments as possible, leading up the main events such as Wimbledon, the Australian Open and the French Open. In order to remain in their standing at the Women’s Tennis Association they need to work to remain in the lead and win as many matches as possible. These matches act as compactors, compacting all their wins into a neat block which is then used to determine their standing in the world rankings.