Is Men’s or Women’s Tennis More Popular?

This has been a debate that has been around for years, many believe they are equal but the majority of people who watch tennis matches will tell you that the men remain in the lead on this one.

Why is it that men’s tennis seems to be more popular than women’s? The women players we have today are excellent players often outranking the men when it comes to gameplay, yet the men are still in the lead and this is reflected in their pay packet, another of the arguments that is currently taking place around the world.

Not only is men’s tennis more popular but their earnings and winnings are higher than women’s tennis, making it an extremely sexist sensitive subject. When you look at a wrinkle cream review or search for best oils for skin you don’t care if it’s made by a man or woman, as long as it works.

I think a majority will agree that the same should apply to tennis. Women’s tennis has a strong following and some of the games can offer just as much excitement, if not more than some of the men’s tennis matches, yet there are still more people who will follow men’s tennis than women’s.

Is it a sexist thing or is it just the way the game is played? The men players do tend to be more aggressive in their game, which is one of the reasons many followers mainly follow the men. They argue that the men’s games are more thrilling and the games overall enjoyment factor is higher than the women’s games.

But if you think about it when you want to know how mogl work or you want to find a dentist, do you really care if it’s a man or woman? The same should be applied when watching tennis, the game is played by the same rules, the women play as hard as the men and some of the games are more thrilling than the men’s games.

This discussion will probably be going on for many more years to come, you can go to any tennis site and visit site and you will see that more people are interested in men’s tennis than women’s.

A simple online search to determine the results the same as you would if searching for tom hill or phen375 reviews will have you faced with hundreds of results debating this exact subject.

At the same time the results will display the debate on pay grade and due to the fact men’s tennis is the more popular of the two, they enjoy the higher pay grade with seventy seven per cent of fans agreeing with this result in a recent poll on the internet.

Even the famous tennis tournaments such as Wimbledon in the UK offer men a higher prize than women, though both achieve the same amount of fans and both have the same number of supporters watching them live on television.

In ending, it’s fair to say that as of right now, men’s tennis is definitely the more popular of the two.