Most Popular Male Tennis Players

Anyone who watches professional tennis knows that there have been some fantastic male tennis players over the years, the days of Andre Agassi and Pat Cash are gone as players came out and made a name for themselves, winning a number of grand slam titles.

The best player to date has to be Roger Federer, this Swiss player won twelve grand slam titles in five years, but has to still win the French Open which has been unobtainable up to now. You can sit in cubicles and watch tennis for hours, but you have to wonder what makes these athletes so great at this game.

Next on the list is the likable Pete Samprass with his fourteen grand slam titles and number of records including the most Wimbledon titles with seven and the most US Open titles with five. You can visit source to find out more.

Then there is Ray Emersen an Australian player that took the world by storm and holds the record for the most titles out of any of the male tennis players. He won twelve grand slam titles and then another sixteen as a doubles player. You can find out more online, do a simple search the same you would for foto canvas.

Now let’s look back to the 1960′s and another fantastic Australian player that cannot be forgotten, Rod Laver. Laver was a left handed player that dominated the tennis circuit back then, he had eleven grand slam titles, four of which he won in only one year.

Bjorn Borg was a favored tennis player. This Swedish player is known for winning five Wimbledon titles and six French open titles.

Ivan Lendl was another of the top players in the 1980′s. This player from the Czech Republic had nineteen career titles to his name. Now you can get free cell phones but you have to work for career titles.

Staying in the 1980′s was the seventeen year old boy that won Wimbledon, that’s right it was Boris Becker. This German player started playing professionally at a very young age, he is also a US Open Winner.

Then there was the violent outbursts on court, the brash American that everyone loved to hate but couldn’t take their eyes off him when he played, John McEnroe. Watching John McEnroe play was thrilling you never knew when he was going to explode, argue with referees or throw his racket across the court. But there was one thing about this American player that no one could argue, this left handed player had such a strong serve. John McEnroe went on to win seven titles and eleven double titles during his tennis career.

You could dial a virtual phone number right now and ask for the best male tennis players of all time and the answer will be these eight players. While Andre Agassi was a noname that went on to win Wimbledon and Pat Cash was the laid back player with the long hair, neither of them were overly popular or made such a big name for themselves as these other male tennis players