Some Of The World’s Greatest Tennis Stars

Tennis is a very old competitive sport and people have been drawn to watching tennis matches ever since the early days. For the players, a lot has changed through time especially concerning racket technology and standards of player fitness. It is also because of these changes that it is hard to label a tennis player as “the best of all time”. However, there are indisputably some first class tennis stars that have taken the world by storm and that have left an astounding track record of accomplishments and feats.

First on the list is Roger Federer, 16-time Grand Slam winner and a six-time ATP World Tour Finals winner. Federer has won six Wimbledon, one French Open, five US Open and four Australian Open titles. He is the only male tennis player who has played in the finals of each Grand Slam at least five times, making him one of the most versatile and amazing tennis athletes in history. According to Forbes, he is the richest tennis player of all time with a net worth of $35 million, properties throughout the world and availing of case in vendita and has the luxury of renting the best vacation homes around the planet.

Rod Laver, an 11-time Grand Slam winner was one of the most popular players in the 1960s. Laver is the only tennis star to get the gold in the French Open, Australian Open, US Open and theWimbledonall in one year in both 1962 and 1969.

Peter Sampras definitely makes the list of world class tennis players with 14 Grand Slam winnings including five US Opens, seven Wimbledonand two Australian Open titles. He has dominated the number one spot for several years due to his epic performances and serves with his impressively calm demeanor, making him one of the most watched tennis players. Tennis fans from around the world look forward to seeing him play and even fans who are on a travel vacations watch his matches be it from their South Africa accommodation or their vacation homes by the sea.

Andre Agassi was not just one of the best tennis players but was according the ladies, also one of the most handsome. He is one of four tennis athletes to win all four Grand Slam tournaments and has won eight Grand Slam titles. He was one of those tennis players who exited his career with a bang and his matches (especially with Sampras) where some of the most historic and emotional matches of all time. Watch now some of the greatest tennis moments in history.

Rafael Nadal is known to be the best clay court tennis player of all time and has won 35 singles tournaments on this blessed surface. He has won seven French Opens and the Olympic Gold Medal from the 2008 Beijinggames. He was one of Federer’s and Djokovic’s fiercest rivals and matches between him and these players always resulted into thrilling shows. Whether watching live or from the comforts of your homes, serviced apartments or from a rowdy sports bar, these matches were always much anticipated by tennis fans.

Tennis player, Margaret Court is a celebrated female tennis player. She has won 23 Grand Slams and 11 Australian Open titles. She went down in history as the first woman in the open era to win the calendar-year slam. She is known for her versatility and has won a total of 62 grand slams in her career.

Steffi Graf is one of the most successful women tennis athletes in history. She ranked as number one player in the world for 377 weeks, which is the longest record in both men and women category. Graf has won 107 single titles and an astounding 22 Grand Slams. She is an excellent player in all four court surfaces and has won seven Wimbledon, nine Grand Slam and six French Open titles. You can check it now on who is currently holding the number one spot in tennis.

Chris Evert was undoubtedly the female tennis sensation of the 1970s. She has an amazing track record of winnings comprising 90% match wins. She is known for her exceptional moves specifically the two-handed backhand which had many opponents left at a loss. She was best known for playing on clay and has won 125 consecutive matches on the said surface. She has garnered 101 single wins and is known for her amazing technical skills of accuracy, focus and consistency in the sport.

If you are an avid tennis fan, it is great to watch at least one major match live in your life time, although it takes a good deal of money to fly to the location and spend for tickets and accommodation. If you are currently struggling with finances, find ways to address these issues like through loans, a trust deed or even asking for a raise. Watching a live tennis game is a great addition to your bucket list!